Here's the FAQ so you can keep an eye on it whenever you want.
Are commissions paid per fight? No, in fights they give you PBones as a reward. No commission is paid for every battle.
Where do I see the Market Cap? The initial market cap will be announced along with the token's presale information. Wait for the official announcement. (This section would also be edited)
How many devices can you play with? 1 account per device and per person, 2 per IP.
By which network is the game developed? The game is developed through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
On what devices will it be possible to play? It can be played on both computer and mobile devices.
The Beta is Windows only. Will there be a chest purchase limit in the presale? Yes, the limit will be 3 character chests (Demon or Human), 1 Empowering Rune and 1 Fusion Rune per wallet.
How do you get into the whitelist? The Whitelist had finished on 09/14/2021 for NFT Chest.
At what price is the token going to come out? At the pre-sale the price will go to $0.3.
At what price are the chests sold? The first presale of chests will be sold for $25 in BNB. Then, in the game they would be of 100 $PCoin.
Will the tokens in the whitelist be locked? Yes, the tokens acquired in the presale will have a 5-month lock and will be unlocked at the end of this time. But don't worry, you can use this tokens in-game.
What do the chests contain? Chests contain 1 NFT that can be: Character (Demon or Human) Rarity 1 or 1 Empowering Rune or 1 Fusion Rune.
How many characters can I start playing with? You can start playing with only 1 character but there will be game modes that will need at least 3 characters.
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