Pixel Art
Our community is the most important thing for us

For us, being more connected with the community is really very important.

Therefore, after the launch of the game we will carry out various events in which you can send us your art in PixelArt, about what you love the most about PixelFights.
The winners of these events will get their rewards in PixelCoins ($PCoins) and their arts will be placed in this section and on our Official Discord Server.
Time to create the PixelFighters
Players will be able to create their own characters, and we will create a new race called PixelFighters. If your character is chosen by the community itself, it will be integrated into this race and you will get a prize published in the announcement of the event, the earnings will be reflected in $PCoin.
Join our Official Discord Server via - https://discord.gg/5bw89QsBRy

Your PixelArts

It is empty. When will you send us your arts? Quick or we'll send the Demons for you!
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