Survival Mode
Infinite Tournament Mode
This mode will be available from Q1 2022!

Introducing Survival Mode, in which you can test your skills and show how good you are at defeating Skeletons in this endless mode.

Survival Mode will be an infinite mode in which you and your skills are the limit.

Let's go into detail

1.- Give it your all! You can use your 3 characters in this infinite mode, at the same time
Remember to equip your runes correctly on each of your characters, and last longer. (Shame on you if you only last one round)
2.- To start playing, you will have to meet the following requirements
  • Minimum character level 10 regardless of Rarity
  • Mana Consumption 2 of Survival
  • Buy a ticket with PixelBones ($PBones)

Ranking - Tournament Mode

Yes, PixelFighters. There will be a Ranking for this mode, since it is not only Survival, it is also a Tournament Mode. The further you go, the better rewards you will get and you will also be able to enter the Top 100 Best Skeleton Killer PixelFighters (That's what it's called).
You will have a period of 15 days for you to reach the Top 100 minimum and win wonderful rewards in PixelCoins ($PCoins).

What do I get for playing this mode?

Well, you will be receiving rewards depending on how far you go, in PixelCoins ($PCoins) but you must earn a seat among the Top 100 Skeleton Killer PixelFighters. However, do not be discouraged by PixelFighters, because if they do not manage to enter the Top 100, they will be rewarded in PixelBones ($PBones)
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