Now you can have children!
PixelFighters! Characters within the PixelFights Universe can reproduce to create new descendants. To avoid character hyperinflation, there is a maximum number of times a character can reproduce before they are sterile.
Reproducing a character costs $PCoins and $PBones depending on how many children that character has, the cost value of them will increase. The cost in $PCoins is variable and is subject to adjustments based on a wide variety of economic factors.
  • You will need a couple to do the Breeding
  • PixelFights does not provide liquidity for PixelBones ($PBones)
PixelBones can be generated by playing the game in Adventure, Survival mode, as well as in the PvP Arena.
NOTE: Two brothers cannot reproduce and a Father and Son cannot reproduce. That is wrong!


The cost is defined by character, to know the cost of a Breed, you will need to multiply the value shown by 2 since a couple is needed to reproduce. For example, if you wanted to know the cost of a Breed of a Breed 0 character and a Breed 1 character, you would add both costs giving a total of: 20 PCoins and 2,000 PBones.
Breed 0
Breed 1
Breed 2
Breed 3
Breed 4
10 PCoin
10 PCoin
10 PCoin
10 PCoin
10 PCoin
750 PBones
1.250 PBones
2.250 PBones
4.000 PBones
8.000 PBones
Costs shown may vary at or through game launch.
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