Get NFTs
PixelFighters! In our store you can acquire characters in a completely random way, you can choose between all races.
For more information about Runes. Visit 'Runes > Characters'.
What are you waiting to buy your first NFTs?
For the launch of PixelFights we will hold an event where a limited amount of NFTs will be sold, after they run out, no more characters can be purchased through the internal game store, the only way to acquire new characters after the 20,000 Chests are exhausted will be through the Marketplace or renting a character.
With these chests you can always get a character of Rarity 1, if you want to have a character of a higher rarity you must fusion your characters.
The value of each chest will be 100 PCoins. Purchase per account will be limited, however, it is yet to be defined.
Last modified 3mo ago
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