Buy and Sell NFTs

Attention, PixelFighters!

Welcome to the Marketplace, a wonderful place where you will find from simple humans, to the most ferocious demon or perhaps a very rare rune.


You can buy and sell characters, runes or objects.
PixelFighters, keep in mind that transactions in the Marketplace will have a commission of 5% and it applies if you are selling or renting.


The Rental System will be available by Q2 2022!
Hey, PixelFighters! You will have the possibility to offer your character to another player by placing the conditions that you decide, the conditions are in how much percentage you will earn for what the other player generates with your character and for how long the other player will have it.
Minimum rental time - 15 days Minimum percentage of profit to be established - 20% Maximum percentage of profit to be established - 60%
Players who rent the characters will get their earnings in PixelBones ($PBones), earnings in PixelCoins ($PCoins) do not apply to sharing..
What would happen if I have an account with 3 characters and I rent one, will I be able to buy 4? Yes, all accounts will have a character rental section, and there you can store up to 3 more characters. These characters will also have an Inventory to equip them with Runes or Objects.
Can I change the Runes of the Character I am renting, or equip him if he has an empty space? No, you will not be able to access the use of that character's Inventory, but you will be able to keep an eye on it.
All the information of the Income System (Scholarships), could vary at the launch of the game and throughout it.
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