PixelFighter! Here we leave you the path that we will follow.



  • Creation of the token on the blockchain
  • Official launch of the website.
  • Creation of the Whitepaper and Roadmap.
  • Creation of whitelist for the presale of the NFT Chests.


  • Marketing campaign.
  • First presale of NFTs chests.
  • Creation of the whitelist for token presale.
  • Audit.
  • Token pre-sale.
  • Launch of the official beta of the game.
  • Play to Earn opening.
  • Apertura del Marketplace.
  • Launch of new race with limited chests (Event).



  • Staking.
  • Opening of Survival mode.
  • Launch of new race with limited chests (Event).
  • Opening of PVP mode.
  • Launch of scholarship system.
  • Launch of the game for mobile devices.
  • Launch of the game for Mac version.
  • Launch of new PixelFighters race with limited chests (Community Event).


  • Official launch of the lore.
  • Opening of Story mode.
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